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Rutland ESB325 Battery Fence Energiser 08-109

Rutland ESB325 Battery Fence Energiser 08-109

  • ESB325 Battery Fence Energiser
  • Wet battery-powered energiser with 3.75 stored joules. Voltage indicator lights, low battery warning light, battery saver switch automatically slows energiser during hours of darkness, extending battery life. On/off switch. Stainless steel crocodile clips included. Recommend use with 12v super leisure battery.
  • Recommended for use with Cattle, Horses, Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Rabbits, Poultry & Ducks.

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  • Rutland ESB325 Battery Fence Energiser 08-109

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  • Details
  • Power Specifications:
  • Power Source: 12v 80Ah
  • Stored Energy: 3.75 Joules
  • Max Power Use: 300 mA
  • Open Volts: 9,500v
  • Number of Nets: 30 Nets
  • Distance Ratings:
  • Low Vegetation: 35 km
  • Moderate Vegetation: 7.5 km
  • High Vegetation: 4 km
  • Earthing Tips & Advice:
  • The best possible earth is essential. The shock circuit is then completed when an animal comes into contact with the fence with its feet on the ground (tall fences which animals such as foxes and rabbits can jump through are frequently wired alternatively live / earth). If an insufficient earth is used then the whole system becomes inefficient. In dry ground conditions the current flows less easily than in wet conditions and again, the live/earth wiring may be necessary. On all battery systems at least one x 1 metre galvanized earth stake should be used except where otherwise specified or supplied.
  • Large mains energisers generally require a minimum of one x 2 metre earth stake and may require additional earth stakes if the soil is a poor conductor, i.e. light or sandy soil. Additional earth stakes should be placed at least 2 metres apart and connected with our lead out cable (Part No. 17-128). Electric fence energisers should never be connected to an electricity board earth, water pipes or building stanchions. Earthing should be kept at least 10 metres away from any form of domestic earth.