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Lamb Milk Replacer

Lambing is a wonderful time of year, but doesn’t come without its challenges and some new-born lambs may need a helping hand with rearing.

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At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, we have everything you’ll need for a successful lambing season, including a large range of lamb milk replacers designed to help lambs achieve their full growth potential. 

While lambing time generally runs very smoothly for the majority of ewes, there are a number of reasons why some new-born lambs will need to be hand-reared.. Some ewes are able to raise triplets, while others may need a lamb removed, as it is often too much strain on her in terms of milk production and optimum lamb weight gain. There are also instances when a ewe can’t raise her young due to disease, or she might reject her lamb. 

Normal milk does not contain the crucial antibodies, fat or protein a new born lamb needs for survival. Therefore warm milk needs to be at hand to ensure the best start in life, and lamb milk powder and colostrum is critical for a lamb’s survival. Ewe milk replacer such as Lamlac are effective, highly-digestible solutions for faster lamb growth.

It is vital lambs are fed milk within the first couple hours after birth; without this they will rapidly lose energy which could cause further health and growth complications. Sadly each flock of sheep will have some orphan lambs which need artificially rearing. Milk replacer powder ensures good growth weight for surplus lambs with less risk of any digestive upsets. Warm milk can be fed via a lambing bottle or a lamb bottle holder system. 

Colostrum is key for a new-born lambs’ survival and needs to be given to lambs within six hours of birth. New-born lambs are extremely vulnerable and have no protection against diseases. Lambs rely on colostrum for passive immunity and to maintain body temperature. If this highly nutritious energy source is achieved, diseases such as watery mouth and joint ill can almost be eradicated. Country UF Lamb Colostrum is a blend available in 500g, 1.25kg or 2.5kg tubs which include all the vital energy, minerals and vitamins new lambs require.

Hand-rearing multiple lambs can put pressure on labour and production costs, but the Shepherdess Warm Milk Lamb Feeder is a fantastic feeding solution which will provide orphan lambs with warm milk around the clock. With the ability to feed up to twenty lambs, this feeder is a popular choice with sheep farmers. Orphan lambs under 3-weeks of age will take to the feeder when hungry without assistance, and the milk is kept at a consistent temperature so that intake is even with fewer refusals.