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Renowned for precise attention to detail and quality equestrian wear, a Collegiate bridle is guaranteed to look the part, enhance your horse’s performance and harmony between horse and rider. Read more

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  1. Collegiate Lip Strap - Chelford Farm Supplies
    Collegiate Lip Strap Collegiate Lip Strap
    From £6.76
  2. Collegiate Cheltenham Gag Cheek Pieces - Chelford Farm Supplies
    Collegiate Cheltenham Gag Cheek Pieces Collegiate Cheltenham Gag Cheek Pieces
    From £22.50
  3. Collegiate 5-Point Breastplate IV | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Collegiate 5-Point Breastplate IV B0090_109077
    From £139.49
  4. Collegiate Anatomic Dressage Girth | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Collegiate Anatomic Dressage Girth B0090_109078
    From £48.59
  5. Collegiate Anatomic Girth | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Collegiate Anatomic Girth B0090_109079
    From £52.19

Items 1-12 of 14

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Collegiate provides top quality leather bridlewear and bridle accessories at an affordable price and has therefore been a favoured equestrian brand among riders of all disciplines for many years. At Chelford Farm Supplies we aim to provide our customers with top quality bridlewear that optimises both comfort and performance for both horse and rider – something which Collegiate continues to deliver on.

Collegiate believe the most important aspect of riding to be the connection between horse and rider. The team behind Collegiate Saddlery are experienced and enthusiastic equestrians themselves, and produce quality horse bridles which enhance the connection between Horse and Rider and help you get the most out of your riding experience. We admire this dedication and believe that as a result each and every Collegiate product is made with passion and care, providing Riders with the very best experience.

Our team understand the importance of having the correct bridle for riding and the potential impact on the feel and performance of the ride. For this reason our Cheshire saddlery and tack shop is stocked with an extensive range including variations of the flash bridle, the training bridle, the cavesson bridle and the popular anatomical Collegiate ComFiTec bridle.

Shop Collegiate bridles, breastplates, martingales and bridle accessories online, or visit our store to speak to a member of our friendly team.