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Equerry Horse Feed

Equerry Horse Feed is a range of top-quality Equine Feeds, produced using the finest ingredients, manufactured by HJ Lea Oakes and specifically formulated by experienced equine nutritionists.

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HJ Lea Oakes is perhaps the longest established independent animal feed manufacturer in Britain, with a lineage dating back to Swettenham Mill in 1675 where the Lea family began milling feeds to supply the Cheshire farming community.

At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, we are proud to be a leading stockist of Equerry horse feeds and supplements. The Equerry range stocked at Chelford Farm Supplies contains a selection of Equerry horse feeds suitable for all types of horse or pony.

Equerry horse feeds are formulated using only the best ingredients and produced under the BETA NOPS scheme. All Equerry horse feeds also come with the assurance that they are made under the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme.

The Equerry horse feed available at Cheshire-based Chelford Farm Supplies contains highly digestible fibre sources to support a healthy digestive system. All of the Equerry horse feed offered online and in store at our Saddlery are balanced with vitamins and minerals to support your horses’ health and wellbeing and include good quality protein sources for muscle development where appropriate.

At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, we’re proud to be a leading Equerry Horse Feed stockist.  Whether you are looking for a Cool Mix or a Conditioning Cube, the Equerry horse feed range specialises in equine health and nutrition to provide your horse with everything he needs in one bag. 

Our extensive range of Equerry Horse Feed includes Equerry Conditioning Cooler Mash which offers good levels of protein for muscle development and topline.  Equerry Conditioning Mash includes highly digestible fibre sources including sugar beet oil and linseed to promote condition and a shiny coat. For Horses that need to gain weight and topline without putting on excess fat in certain areas, Equerry Conditioning Cubes are ideal to feed your Horse.

Equerry Conditioning Mix has been designed for horses that need to gain weight and improve their topline, and it also contains highly digestible cereals throughout the mix, while Equerry Cool Mix is a high fibre, low energy formula designed for ponies or horses that are in light work or those that are fizzy or sharp.

For those Horses at rest or in very light work, Equerry High Fibre Cubes are an ideal solution and are also a suitable hay replacer for elderly horses and cereal-grain free. Equerry Horse and Pony Mix is designed for all horses and ponies that are in light to medium work and may need a little extra help maintaining condition and topline.

For Broodmares, Young Stock and Stallions, Equerry Stud and Yearling Mix has been specifically designed to support pregnancy, growth and muscle maintenance. For older Horses and Ponies, Equerry Veteran Mix is specially designed to support weight and condition whilst maintaining a healthy digestive system for elderly horses who need to gain weight and condition as they age. This nutritional veteran mix includes additional vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E that acts as an anti-oxidant.

Our huge range of Equerry Horse Feeds have something for Horses and Ponies of all ages, shapes and sizes. Whether your Horse is a fizzy thoroughbred or a laminitic welsh pony, the Equerry Horse Feed range will be able to provide your Horse with the right levels of energy and nutritional balance. If you’d like to find out more about our range of Horse Feed, or to see why we’re one the UK’s largest stockists of Equerry Horse Feed, visit our Saddlery and Tack Shop in the heart of Cheshire where our expertly trained Horse Shop staff will be happy to provide you with independent, nutritional advice for your Horse.