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Husqvarna Cut Off Saws

A cut off saw or disc cutter is a powerful took for cutting through hard, solid materials. At Chelford Farm Supplies, our range of Husqvarna cut off saws combine power, quality and durability. Read more

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  1. Husqvarna K535i Battery Disc Cutter - Cheshire, UK
    Husqvarna K535i Battery Disc Cutter 10056520
    Special Price £477.36 Price £530.40
  2. Husqvarna K770 Petrol Disc Power Cutter
    Husqvarna K770 Petrol Disc Cutter 12'' 10046011
    Special Price £747.00 Price £996.00
  3. Husqvarna K770 Petrol Disc Cutter 14'' | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Husqvarna K770 Petrol Disc Cutter 14'' 10062098
    Special Price £814.50 Price £1,086.00
  4. Husqvarna TACTI-CUT S50 Cutting Disc 14'' | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Husqvarna TACTI-CUT S50 Cutting Disc 14'' 10062976
    Special Price £74.70 Price £99.60

4 Items

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Cutting through exceptionally hard and solid materials can be a daunting yet necessary task. The thought of cutting surfaces such as asphalt, stone or concrete can feel like a huge amount of effort on the user’s part. However, Huqvarna’s range of cut off saws and disc cutters will easily and efficiently cut through hard materials with minimal effort from the tool operator.

A quality cut off saw must be both powerful and lightweight. Cutting hard materials requires precision, and a cutter which is too heavy can cause handling problems for the user and potentially lead to mistakes being made. While being lightweight is important, a saw must also be extremely powerful. Just think about how much power is required to cut straight through a thick, hard surface, and you’ll understand why a disc cutter is the best tool for heavy duty use.

Models such as the K770 have been carefully designed by Husqvarna for easy use and powerful results, and is fitted with Husqvarna’s SmartTension feature which minimises the risk of either under-tensioning or over-tensioning. If you want to achieve the results of a petrol disc cutter with lower vibrations, a cordless disc cutter is for you. A battery cut off saw such as the K535i is ideal for cutting through materials such as concrete garden plates, ganite, roof and floor tiles. Not only is a cordless cut off easy to use with the Husqvarna battery system, but it is also more ergonomic for the user and provides comfy handling.

When looking for a cut off saw, purchasing a Husqvarna model will provide the ultimate reassurance in quality, longevity and durability. You can buy a concrete saw or disc cutter from the Husqvarna range with complete peace of mind that the machine you’re getting is built to last and will help you get the job done. Shop the Husqvarna range online or visit our garden machinery showroom in Cheshire to speak to one of our experts.