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Le Mieux Horse Boots & Bandages

Keeping your Horse’s legs protected and supported when exercising is extremely important, and thankfully one of our favourite brands LeMieux has created a whole range of Horse Boots that are comfy for your Horse, provide ultimate protection and also look good! 

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  1. LeMieux Mini Brushing Boots
    LeMieux Mini Brushing Boots B0128_106746
    From £17.95
  2. LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots
    LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots B0128_108102
    From £32.50
  3. LeMieux Grafter Brushing Boots
    LeMieux Grafter Brushing Boots B0128_107531
    From £22.50
  4. LeMieux Junior Pro Fetlock Boots
    LeMieux Junior Pro Fetlock Boots B0128_108105
    From £19.96
  5. LeMieux Junior Pro Tendon Boots
    LeMieux Junior Pro Tendon Boots B0128_108105-1
    From £29.95
  6. LeMieux Carbon Air XC Boots Hind
    LeMieux Carbon Air XC Boots Hind B0128_108101-1
    From £52.50
  7. LeMieux Impact Compliant Fetlock Boots
    LeMieux Impact Compliant Fetlock Boots LeMieux Impact Compliant Fetlock Boots
    From £36.95
  8. LeMieux Conductive Magnotherapy Boot
    LeMieux Conductive Magnotherapy Boot B0128_106988
    From £99.95
  9. LeMieux ProIce Freeze Therapy Boot
    LeMieux ProIce Freeze Therapy Boot B0128_106990
    From £84.95
  10. LeMieux Capella Comfort Fetlock Boots
    LeMieux Capella Comfort Fetlock Boots B0128_106748
    From £54.95
  11. LeMieux Capella Comfort Tendon Boots
    LeMieux Capella Comfort Tendon Boots B0128_106747
    From £64.96
  12. LeMieux Capella Fetlock Boots
    LeMieux Capella Fetlock Boots B0128_106740
    From £49.96

Items 1-12 of 23

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LeMieux is an Equestrian brand synonymous with equine style and quality products that help your Horse or Pony to stay happy, comfy and protected. At Chelford Farm Supplies we are a LeMieux stockist with a vast range of Le Mieux products, including LeMieux Boots for all occasions. From Le Mieux Brushing Boots and Le Mieux Tendon Boots to Le Mieux Travel Boots and Le Mieux Ice Boots, we’ve got them all! As with all of LeMieux’s Horse Wear, Le Mieux Horse Boots are made from high-quality fabrics that provide your Horse with maximum protection.

The range of LeMieux Brushing Boots stocked at Chelford Farm Supplies includes the classic LeMieux Grafter Brushing Boot, which is a hard-working and durable Horse brushing boot at a great price. The grafter boot is the perfect everyday work boot for your Horse and is available in classic Black as well as Le Mieux’s signature colours including Benneton Blue and Ice Blue. If you’re looking to add a little drop of luxury to your Horse’s brushing boots, LeMieux’s fleece lined brushing boots provide opulent style and optimum protection and comfort for your Horse. The Le Mieux fleece lined boots are perfect for those Dressage Divas who like a luxurious look, or even for those show jumpers who are fans of fluffy Horse boots!

LeMieux’s ProSport range includes the Le Mieux Support Boot which is a firm favourite among many LeMieux fans. The Support Boot are a multi-functional boot that can be used as protective Horse leg wraps for turnout, lunging or schooling. These LeMieux Boots are so lightweight and flexible that they won’t restrict your Horse’s movement yet provide maximum support. The Support Boots are sure to be a favourite among matchy matchy fans too, as they are available in the signature Le Mieux colours including Plum and Benneton Blue. Our Le Mieux Boots collection also includes LeMieux Tendon Boots, which will protect your Horse's legs and are ideal for jumping horses. The range of Le Mieux Tendon Boots includes fleece lined and leather tendon boots, as well as the excellent value Derby ProJump Tendon Boots.

The strain put on your Horse’s legs when going cross country is a serious matter, and a decent pair of xc boots are the key to preventing injury through striking, impact or overheating. LeMieux’s Stealth Air Shoc Cross Country Boots are the ultimate in cutting edge xc protection. The LeMieux Cross Country Boots have been designed to specifically absorb energy and impact while retaining a lightweight design to allow your Horse to have ultimate freedom of movement while galloping in between cross country jumps! The Stealth Air Shoc range also effectively promotes ventilation to prevent any heat build up, meaning your Horse’s legs will stay nice and cool when the competition heats up.

At Chelford Farm Supplies our range of of Le Mieux products includes LeMieux Boots that provide ultiamte protection, comfort and style. Browse LeMieux online or visit our expert team at our Cheshire country store who will happily advise you on our extensive range of Le Mieux Horse Products.