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Dairy Hygiene

At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, we understand the importance of Dairy Hygiene and stock a fantastic range of disinfectants for your milking routine.  Read more

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  1. Cotswold Dairy VS4 Retractable Coil (CW13)
    Cotswold Dairy VS4 Retractable Coil (CW13) Cotswold-CW13
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  2. Drytex Milking Sleeves With Rubber Cuff
    Drytex Milking Sleeves With Rubber Cuff MS26
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Dairy hygiene is an important part of your daily routine. Cleaning your dairy and milking equipment is essential after every milking to stop the spread of disease and pathogens from one milking to the next. Using the right detergent with the right water temperature will remove milk residues from internal equipment, therefore killing pathogens in the process. Our huge range of Kilco and Kerbl products include everything you’ll need to keep your dairy equipment clean for a worry-free milking day and night.

A good milking routine and clean milking equipment will help reduce the risk of clinical mastitis spreading to your herd. What is pre-milking? The pre-milking process includes washing the teat, pre-dripping and dry wiping with an udder towel or paper dairy wipe before the cup is attached to the teat, which helps the cow milk out cleaner and faster. Kilco Lanodip Pre/Post Dip is an Iodine disinfectant which can be applied either by dipping using the FoamDipper™ Teat Dip Cup, or spraying with a Teat Spray Gun to wash and clean the udder before each milking. This can also be done during the post-milking process to flush the milk film that is left on the teat to minimise new mastitis development.

Milk filtration maximises milk quality while helping dairy farmers detect problems such as mastitis in their herd. Milk Filter Socks and Sleeves are used in dairies with a pipeline, and will trap larger particles from the milk including flakes, clots, straws, hair or insects and stop them from passing through to the bulk tank. The filter is made with a folded sheet of milk filter fibre and is available in a number of sizes to best suit your tank size.

It’s also important for dairy farmers and milking parlour workers to stay hygienic. Washing your hands with disinfectant and wearing disposable gloves is mandatory when in the dairy and wearing a lightweight milking apron is ideal for anyone working in agriculture. Hard-wearing yet lightweight, a milking apron is guaranteed to protect your clothes and resistant to most chemicals.

A common cause of irritation and distraction during milking are flies which carry a number of bacteria which add a risk factor to the dairy and your herd. Kerbl’s range of Fly Control is key and free-hanging fly traps inside the dairy and fly cage fly traps outside are very effective at lowering the number of flies around the farm.

At Chelford Farm Supplies, we are Cheshire’s largest suppliers to dairy farmers and have a huge range of  dairy hygiene products. For help or advice, give our farming experts a call on 01625 861588 or visit us in-store at our Cheshire farm shop..