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Horse Bedding & Shavings

For the stabled horse, a stable which is clean and comfy is key. Putting this in place all starts with finding the best horse bedding for your four legged friend. Read more

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While traditionally the choice of horse bedding was limited to straw, the modern horse owner is now faced with a huge range of different types of bedding for horses. At Chelford Farm Supplies we’re a leading UK supplier in Cheshire of Horse Shavings, with an extensive selection available from your favourite equestrian brands.

Aubiose bedding is a natural horse shaving which is a popular choice for its excellent absorbency properties. The special design of Aubiose works by soaking up liquids in a small area, thereby reducing the chances of wet and dry bedding being mixed together.

When respiratory health is a priority, Elite Dream Bedding Shavings are a dust extracted flake which provides less inhalation pollution for both you and your horse. Bliss Bedding is a eucalyptus horse shaving which is ideal for horses that have COPD or any other respiratory issues. Not only are Bliss Shavings dust extracted, but they are also treated with a stable guard disinfectant which helps to keep your stable feeling fresh.

If you prefer horse bedding shavings with larger flakes, Bedmax shavings are made from large pine flakes from the freshest timber. Bedmax are produced by renewable UK forestry, so are a good choice for sustainability conscious horse owners.

There is a type of horse shaving to suit the needs and budgets of all horse owners. We’re delighted to supply horse bedding to equestrians all over the UK, offering convenient home delivery.