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Equipe Bridles

Selleria Equipe is an Italian brand built upon performance, elegance and the harmony between horse and rider. Shop Equipe Bridles, Stirrup Leathers, Girths, Martingales and more online. Read more

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  1. Equipe Easy Leather Stud Girth - Chelford Farm Supplies
    Equipe Easy Leather Stud Girth B0094_108617
    From £266.00
  2. Equipe Leather Collier Martingale | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Equipe Leather Collier Martingale B0079_104059-1
    From £91.80
  3. Equipe Emporio Flash Bridle Black
    Equipe Emporio Flash Bridle Black B0094_104359
    From £89.00
  4. Equipe Emporio Flash Bridle Brown
    Equipe Emporio Flash Bridle Brown B0094_104360
    From £89.00
  5. Equipe No Stress Grackle Bridle Brown
    Equipe No Stress Grackle Bridle Brown B0094_104363
    From £280.00
  6. Equipe Rubber Reins Black
    Equipe Rubber Reins Black B0094_104523
    From £58.00
  7. Equipe Rubber Reins Brown
    Equipe Rubber Reins Brown B0094_104524
    From £58.00

26 Items

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Worn by the some of the world’s best horse and rider combinations, Equipe is a saddlery brand which combines quality, traditional craftsmanship with modern equestrian performance and technology. Used by riders for all equestrian disciplines at the highest level, including Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping, Equipe leather products are tried and tested favourites of some of the sport’s most elite athletes.

The Equipe range incorporate everything horse and rider need for success in the saddle (including the saddle itself!). Within the Equipe collection you’ll find a comprehensive selection of bridles, ranging from grackle bridles to flash nosebands to double bridles and everything in between, including the ever popular Equipe Emporio Bridle.

In addition to the range of bridles, the Equipe collection features quality girths, martingales, breastplates, stirrups and leathers which will make your tack room the envy of all at the stable yard! As a brand built on quality and longevity, the products produced by Equipe are made to the highest standard so you and your horse can enjoy them for years to come.

So you can keep your Equipe bridles and leatherwear in the best condition, we also supply a range of Equipe tack cleaner and leather care products. Regularly using these products will ensure that your Equipe products will stand the test of time and keep the leather looking like new.

Shop Selleria Equipe Bridles online and enjoy speedy and convenient delivery straight to your door.