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Concrete Fence Posts

Concrete posts and base panels are a strong and durable option for putting up your fencing.

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As a leading Cheshire timber merchant, our range of fencing solutions includes one, two, and three way concrete posts in a variety of lengths. Whatever the size of your fencing job, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for among our extensive selection of fence supplies.

Are concrete posts cheaper than wood? While concrete posts are initially a higher price than their timber alternative, a concrete fence post offers a distinct advantage over a wooden post that may make it worth the investment. Timber degrades over time, and regardless of the treatments the timber has received it will eventually need to be replaced. How long do concrete fence posts last? Unless an unforeseen accident should occur, for example if a post is hit by a vehicle or impacted in some way, a concrete fence post should last forever and won’t need to be replaced.

How deep to concrete posts need to be? Whether it’s a gate post or corner post, these posts should be sunk a minimum of two feet into the ground. This means that 8ft concrete fence posts would be ideal for a 6ft fence, and 4ft fence posts would be best suited for a 2ft fence. Exceeding 2ft will give you greater structural stability for your fencing; for example, for a 7ft fence you might choose to use 10ft concrete fence posts and have 3ft buried underground.

Can concrete posts be cut? To cut concrete you’ll need a range of tools such as a disc cutter, as well as an excellent technique! In addition, the steel bar reinforcement would also need to be cut which might prove a challenge. Instead, it is recommended to buy concrete posts that are suited to the fence size you want, rather than having to cut them down to size.

Can concrete posts be drilled? Drilling is the most secure way to mount gate hinges and gate hangers onto concrete gate posts. Using a masonry dill, you can drill a hole either partially or all the way through a post.

Can concrete posts be painted? Painting your concrete fence posts is an excellent way to make the posts more aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking to add a bold splash of colour, or help blend the posts into their natural surroundings, a high quality fence paint is perfect for adding colour to your concrete posts. Unlike painting a timber fence post, where the paint can add some protective qualities. This is not the case for concrete posts, but adding colour can make the posts more visible and less likely to be accidentally hit by a vehicle – avoiding potential damage.