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Cattle Fly Control

At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, we are buzzing about fly control! We supply  a wide range of pour-on and spot-on fly control for Cattle, including applicators, dairy fly catching tape and more.

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  1. Butox Swish Pour-on Fly Control for Cattle 7.5%
    Butox Swish Pour-on Fly Control for Cattle 7.5% B0142_105384
    From £76.80
  2. Spotinor Spot-on Fly Control for Cattle & Sheep
    Spotinor Spot-On Fly Control for Cattle & Sheep B0189_105667
    From £31.50 Price £35.94
  3. Spot On Fly & Lice Insecticide for Cattle & Sheep
    Zoetis Spot On Fly & Lice Insecticide for Cattle & Sheep B0142_105665
    From £34.68
  4. Kilco Biolac Film
    Kilco Biolac Film Kilco Biolac Film
    From £97.98
  5. Kilco C Dip
    Kilco C Dip Kilco C Dip
    From £52.92
  6. Norbrook Taurador Pour-on for Cattle
    Norbrook Taurador Pour-on for Cattle Taurador
    From £72.24
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Turning your cattle out to pasture is an enjoyable time for all farmers but it does come hand in hand with one of the biggest problems faced by farmers all over the country… the dreaded return of the flies. Early application is essential to avoid the build-up of the fly population around your herd.

Pour-on fly control is a popular choice for farmers, as it is very easy to apply to the backs of animals and on average three or four treatments will provide effective control throughout the summer. Pour-on Cattle fly control has long-lasting effects, but will also kill most flies on contact. So, what is the best pour on fly control for cattle? A popular choice for farmers is Butox® Swish Pour-On. A single application of Butox® Swish provides protection from flies for eight to ten weeks.

Nuisance flies become more active as temperatures increase. Not only do they irritate the cow’s skin, but they can also distract herds from grazing which results in reduced weight gain and reduced milk yield while spreading bacteria causing dry cow mastitis and Schmallenbery Virus. Zoetis Spot-On is a rapid solution reaching most body parts within two hours, killing flies and helping the herd stay fly-free. You should use spot-on every month from April or May for the best results.

Fly ear tags offer season long and whole-body protection against biting flies and insects, but how do fly tags work? Cattle fly ear tags contains cypermethrin, which is an active ingredient that is released in small volumes each day over the herd during the three to four month summer period. Cypermethrin is transferred over the herd during grooming, rubbing and other contact habits among Cattle. Applying these tags to your whole herd before the beginning of the season will not only avoid the build-up of the fly population, but also increase grazing productivity.

Flies are just as likely to cause irritation and distraction during milking, and no one enjoys cows kicking and tails swishing around while trying to milk! Stop flies invading your parlour this summer with our range of free-hanging fly traps which provide the perfect landing pad for flying insects leaving your dairy fly-free! The Redtop Flycatcher is also very effective at lowering the number of flies around the dairy. Catching up to 20,000 flies, the redtop fly trap will ensure trapped flies can’t get out – making it the perfect choice for fly protection around the farm.

Target flies before they target your cattle this summer with our extensive range of fly control products. Our qualified team are experts when it comes to fly control with years of experience, knowledge and expertise within Cattle and Dairy Farming. For the best prices and professional advice regarding our product range give our team a call on 01625 861588 or visit us in-store at our Cheshire Farm Shop.