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Crafty Ponies Toys

Crafty Ponies are miniature soft toy horses that are a fun and educational way for children to learn about pony care. Read more

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  1. Crafty Ponies Pony With Passport
    Crafty Ponies Pony With Passport B0200_106426
    From £25.00
  2. Crafty Ponies Stable
    Crafty Ponies Stable 10049689
  3. Crafty Ponies Doll Rider
    Crafty Ponies Doll Rider B0200_106830
    From £13.00
  4. Crafty Ponies Lead Rope
    Crafty Ponies Lead Rope B0200_106430
    From £5.00
  5. Crafty Ponies Headcollar
    Crafty Ponies Headcollar B0200_106428
    From £9.95
  6. Crafty Ponies Fleece Rug
    Crafty Ponies Fleece Rug B0200_106427
    From £10.00
  7. Crafty Ponies Leg Wraps
    Crafty Ponies Leg Wraps B0200_106429
    From £5.00
  8. Crafty Ponies Saddle
    Crafty Ponies Pony Club Saddle B0200_106432
    From £15.00

Items 1-12 of 14

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At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, we stock a fantastic range of everyone’s favourite cuddly soft toy ponies. Our range of Crafty Ponies includes a wide variety of lifelike colours, including Brown, Black, Grey, Piebald and Skewbald. We also stock a large selection of Crafty Pony accessories that fit your Crafty Pony just like the real thing! This range includes Headcollars, Leadropes, Rugs, Saddles, Bridles and Leg Wraps that have been realistically made to look and feel like they would on a real pony.

Crafty Ponies have been specifically created for children to learn about pony care and equipment, and the huge range of Crafty Pony accessories allows little ones to learn how to tack up and rug up. Our extensive range of Crafty Ponies and accessories make the perfect gift for a pony mad child! However, the range is also a huge hit with adults alike. So, which would you choose… a colourful skewbald, classic brown or magical palomino?

Shop Crafty Ponies online or click & collect at our equestrian store and saddlery based in the heart of Cheshire.