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Catago Equestrian

Catago Equestrian is a Danish born and family-owned brand. Catago’s equestrian products are designed to improve horse welfare and help your horse’s way of going. From fir tech masks, to spur guard belly bands and strengthening elastic bands, the Catago range always puts your horse first.

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  1. Catago FIR-Tech Mask
    Catago FIR-Tech Mask B0234_111731
    From £37.50 Price £41.00
  2. Catago Belly Band Spur Body Shield
    Catago Belly Band Spur Body Shield B0234_111730
    From £78.00
  3. Catago FIR-Tech Training GP Saddle Pad With Elastic Bands
    Catago FIR-Tech Training GP Saddle Pad With Elastic Bands B0234_111732
    From £99.95 Price £109.99
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Why use a horse belly band? Using a spur guard belly band will protect your equine from rubs or marks from the rider’s spurs. When horses are freshly clipped, are sensitive, have thin skin or coats, they will be far more prone to being rubbed or marked by the rider’s legs or spurs. The Catago Body Shield is an easy-to-use and comfy belly band which is made from a lightweight and stretchy fabric. Wondering how to fit a belly band to your horse? Simply attach around your horse’s belly with the handy Velcro straps.

Saddle pads with elastic bands are a great way to help your horse  improve his core strength and get him working from behind. Knowing how to get a horse to work over its back is a big question for riders. Nothing beats correct training and regular, varied exercise, but using a training tool such as the Catago saddle pad with elastic bands is a kind and effective way to improve your horse’s balance and help him work through his back. The elastic bands are very easy to adjust, so you can make sure they are an optimum fit for your equine. Getting your horse to work properly in this way will help him stay supple and feeling his best.

Many showjumpers now compete their horses in face masks, and the Catago Fir Tech Mask is a popular choice for reducing tension and helping your horse to focus. How does this mask work? Made from a polyester and ceramic clay fabric, the ceramic clay reflects your horse’s body heat and turns this into infra-red rays. Infra-red technology has long been associated with therapeutic properties, and the Fir Tech Mask creates a natural calming effect and reduces tension. That’s why the Catago Mask is a good choice for hot or stressy horses, and particularly show jumpers who may get tense in the ring and need to focus on the job.

At Chelford Farm Supplies, we’re proud to be a UK stockiest of Catago Equestrian, including the Fir Tech range of equine products. Shop Danish brand Catago online, or visit our Cheshire saddlery and tack shop to see the full selection of products for horses.