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Horse Haynets


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  1. Shires Haylage Net 40''
    Shires Haylage Net 40'' B0076_103629
    From £7.13 Price £7.99
  2. Shires Haynet
    Shires Haynet B0076_102685
    From £5.35 Price £5.99
  3. Lincoln Small Holed Hay Net - Chelford Farm Supplies
    Lincoln Small Holed Hay Net Lincoln Small Holed Hay Net
    From £8.99
  4. Shires Haylage Net 30" - Chelford Farm Supplies
    Shires Haylage Net 30" B0076_103629-1
    From £5.35 Price £5.99
  5. Shires Haylage Net 50" - Chelford Farm Supplies
    Shires Haylage Net 50" Shires Haylage Net 50
    From £8.92 Price £10.00
  6. Elim-a-Net™ Haynet - Chelford Farm Supplies
    Elim-a-Net™ Haynet Elim-a-Net™ Haynet
    From £13.99
  7. Haybar Classic Feeder Black | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Haybar Classic Feeder Black haybar_classic_feeder
    From £94.00
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Making sure your horse has plenty of fresh and tasty hay is important, and as with most things, there is choice out there. The best option will depend on your horse and will probably be different for each one.

A horse hay bar is one option. From your perspective, it keeps hay off the floor and stops it mixing with bedding and is very quick and easy to restock, so you can move on to other chores while your horse tucks in. The horse hay bar can be fitted into the corner of any stable in a relatively short time.

We also stock hay nets which are strong and durable and likely to last for years. They are rip-resistant and come in various sizes and colours to accommodate even the most voracious appetites. The Shires nets in particular are a good size, though the holes themselves are small and designed to help slow down speedy or greedy eaters.

If they don’t solve that problem on their own, the hay nets can be doubled up, one inside another, to effectively make the holes smaller still and slow down foraging again. It is effective because the smaller holes make it harder for the horse to grab large mouthfuls, which in turn allows digestion to take place at a reasonable pace. A slower eating speed also means the horse is kept busy and focused for longer. We also sell big name brands such as Hunter, Dubarry, Barbour and Joules.