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Arborist Equipment & Clothing

A wide range of arborist equipment to ensure arborists and tree surgeons can work safely and effectively. Climbing ropes, climbing equipment, lowering equipment, connectors, karabiners, pruning equipment and more, from leading brands such as Climbing Technology and Marlow Ropes.

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  1. Arbortec AT101 Mamba Waterproof Kit Bag
    Arbortec AT101 Mamba Drykit Waterproof Kit Bag AT101
    From £17.40
  2. Arbortec AT105 Cobra Waterproof Rope Bag
    Arbortec AT105 Cobra Waterproof Rope Bag AT105
    From £74.00
  3. Arbortec AT106 Cobra Drykit Rope Bag
    Arbortec AT106 Cobra Drykit Rope Bag AT106
    From £133.96 Price £174.00
  4. Climbing Technology Cheese Plate Multi-Anchor
    Climbing Technology Cheese Plate Multi-Anchor B0123_103353
    From £23.00 Price £27.06
  5. Climbing Technology Forest Textile Anchor
    Climbing Technology Forest Textile Anchor B0123_103360
    From £37.40 Price £43.98
  6. Climbing Technology Web Ankor
    Climbing Technology Web Ankor B0123_103379
    From £22.10 Price £25.98
  7. Husqvarna Felling Wedge
    Husqvarna Felling Wedge B0041_105828
    From £10.97 Price £11.99
  8. Husqvarna Lifting Timber Tongs
    Husqvarna Lifting Timber Tongs B0041_104127
    From £29.39 Price £41.99
  9. Husqvarna One Splice Climbing Rope
    Husqvarna One Splice Climbing Rope One_Splice_Rope
    From £202.30 Price £289.00
  10. Husqvarna Sappie
    Husqvarna Sappie Husqvarna-Sappie
    From £32.20 Price £46.00
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Where to buy arborist equipment? As a leading supplier of tree climbing gear in Cheshire, we stock kit crucial for keeping you safe while completing the potentially dangerous tasks in an Arborist’s line of work. We stock arborist equipment from popular brands like Climbing Technology and Marlow Ropes, so regardless of the tools you need, you’ll know you’re purchasing the best gear available.

As an arborist, the job one undertakes can sometimes involve scaling large trees to carry out various aspects of tree surgery. This is of course an extremely dangerous task and should only be completed by a well-trained professional, who is equipped with the necessary equipment to finish the job safely.

A harness specifically recommended for tree climbing work is always recommended, as they usually feature some key differences to rock climbing or recreational harnesses. An arborist harness is designed specifically for work positioning, sometimes called a “sit harness”. They feature a low main attachment point called a “bridge” and include many attachment points for Fliplines or lanyards, as well as other gear. The Simarghu Fire Harness is a revolutionary arborist harness with a floating bridge, allowing for greater lateral movement without twisting on the body.

The Flipline attaches to a side ring of the harness and is used to position yourself securely by placing it around the tree and then clipping it to a side ring on the opposite side of the harness. It is a vital part of climbing a tree and is required to both hold you in position and offer a secondary form of attachment whilst making a cut. A great choice of Flipline is the Marlow Ropes Wirecore Flipline, using a strong galvanised steel wire core and tough polyester cover – providing excellent cut and abrasion resistance.

A climbing rope is often referred to as your “lifeline” and getting a rope specifically designed for arborists and tree climbing is crucial to allow you to ascend or descend a tree safely. A rope is perhaps the most important piece of equipment an arborist has in their kit, as their safety is completely dependant on it functioning as intended. For this reason, we recommend Marlow Ropes Gecko2 Climbing Rope, a class A rope certified against the CE EN 1891 and UKCA test standards.

The prusik loop serves as a friction hitch, allowing you to adjust your position on the climbing rope, effectively allowing you to move longitudinally up or down the tree. We recommend a dedicated prusik loop, as the ropes are designed specifically with high heat resistance. Karabiners are crucial for making secure connections between your climbing rope, prusik loop, and flipline are safely in place.

Wearing the right PPE and using quality machinery is also crucial for carrying out your job safely, and the wide selection available in our online shop and Cheshire based showroom will leave you spoilt for choice.