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Bucas Horse Rugs

Bucas specialises in the design, creation, and manufacturing of top-quality horse rugs.

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  1. Bucas Liner 100g Navy
    Bucas Liner Rug 100g Navy R55115-89
    From £66.00
  2. Bucas Liner 200g-Navy
    Bucas Liner Rug 200g-Navy R55215-89
    From £68.00
  3. Bucas Liner 300g Navy
    Bucas Liner Rug 300g Navy R55315-89
    From £72.00
  4. Bucas Quarter Sheet-Navy/Silver
    Bucas Quarter Sheet-Navy/Silver R66145-62
    From £70.00
  5. Bucas Quilt 150g Silk-Feel-Navy
    Bucas Quilt Rug 150g Silk-Feel Navy R45215-34
    From £91.00
  6. Bucas Quilt 150 Stay-Dry Big Neck-Blue
    Bucas Quilt 150g Stay-Dry Rug With Big Neck-Blue R45625-02
    From £103.00
  7. Bucas Quilt 150 Stay-Dry Big Neck-Navy
    Bucas Quilt 150g Stay-Dry Rug With Big Neck Navy R45625-34
    From £103.00
  8. Bucas Quilt 150 Stay-Dry-Navy
    Bucas Quilt 150g Stay-Dry Rug Navy R45115-34
    From £99.00
  9. Bucas Quilt 150 Stay-Dry Pony-Blue
    Bucas Quilt 150g Stay-Dry Pony Rug Blue R451P05-02
    From £89.00
  10. Bucas Quilt 300 Silk-Feel-Blue
    Bucas Quilt 300g Silk-Feel Rug Blue R45435-02
    From £103.00
  11. Bucas Quilt 300 Silk-Feel-Navy
    Bucas Quilt 300g Silk-Feel Rug Navy R45415-34
    From £103.00
  12. Bucas Quilt 300 Stay-Dry -Navy
    Bucas Quilt 300g Stay-Dry Rug Navy R45315-34
    From £107.00
  13. Bucas Quilt 50 Silk-Feel-Navy
    Bucas Quilt 50g Silk-Feel Rug Navy R45925-34
    From £87.00
  14. Bucas Quilt Neck-Navy
    Bucas Quilt Neck Navy R45045-34
    From £49.00
  15. Bucas Riding Rug-Navy/Silver
    Bucas Riding Rug-Navy/Silver R63845-62
    From £76.00
  16. Bucas Therapy Cooler Big Neck-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Cooler Rug With Big Neck-Navy/Orange R46625-51
    From £206.00
  17. Bucas Therapy Cooler-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Cooler Rug-Navy/Orange R41625-51
    From £198.00
  18. Bucas Therapy Cooler Neck-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Cooler Neck-Navy/Orange R581L-51
    From £97.00
  19. Bucas Therapy Cooler Pony-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Cooler Pony Rug -Navy/Orange R416P90-51
    From £159.00
  20. Bucas Therapy Mesh Cooler-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Mesh Cooler Rug-Navy/Orange R41515-51
    From £198.00
  21. Bucas Therapy Mesh Neck-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Mesh Neck-Navy/Orange R580L-51
    From £97.00
  22. Bucas Therapy Quarter Sheet-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Quarter Sheet-Navy/Orange R419L-51
    From £113.00
  23. Bucas Therapy Turnout 150-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Turnout Rug 150g-Navy/Orange R42420-51
    From £309.00
  24. Bucas Therapy Turnout Light -Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Light Turnout Rug-Navy/Orange R41320-51
    From £290.00
  25. Bucas Therapy Turnout Neck-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Turnout Neck-Navy/Orange R585L-51
    From £126.00
  26. Bucas Therapy Walker Rug-Navy/Orange
    Bucas Therapy Walker Rug-Navy/Orange R481L-51
    From £204.00
  27. Bucas Walker Rug-Navy/Silver
    Bucas Walker Rug-Navy/Silver R485L-62
    From £91.00
  28. Bucas Power Prize Cooler-Navy/Silver & Bucas Logo
    Bucas Power Prize Cooler Rug-Navy/Silver & Bucas Logo R63115-98
    From £52.00
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Since 1981, when Bucas was founded in Cork, Ireland, they have been blending the rich Irish equestrian heritage with cutting-edge technical advancements gleaned from various industries, countries, and markets. This amalgamation has led to the creation of a diverse array of highly innovative and technically advanced products. Over the years, we've exported over 90% of our products to global markets.

In 1982, Bucas introduced their first high-performance water-resistant turnout rug, followed by fully waterproof and breathable rugs by the late eighties. They also perfected the "Stay-dry" principle, utilising wicking linings to draw sweat and moisture away from the horse while keeping the lining dry.

During the 1990s, they developed the first lightweight, fully waterproof, and breathable turnout, suitable for higher temperatures. Additionally, pioneered sun-reflective rugs and anti-bacterial linings.

In 2000, the revolutionary Buzz-Off full-body fly rug with anti-UV properties, garnering strong customer satisfaction. In 2012, the Buzz-Off Zebra fly rug was introduced, inspired by the natural deterrent effect of zebra stripes on flies.

In 2015, the innovative magnetic Snap-lock fastening was introduced across our premium ranges. The same year saw the debut of the first therapeutic horse rug, the Bucas Therapy rug, aiding in muscular relaxation and healing through improved blood circulation.

This tradition of pioneering "intelligent" horse rugs continues, with the product range offering more high-performance choices than ever before. And now, Chelford Farm Supplies proudly stocks the renowned Bucas range, ensuring your horse's comfort and performance are prioritised.