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Wild Bird Seeds & Feeders

It’s incredibly important to provide wild birds with a constant source of food, especially through the cold winter months so they don’t have to use their energy seeking insects through the ice and snow. Browse our wide range of birdseed feeders, bird seeds and nesting boxes.

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  1. Red Barn Dried Meal Worms Bird Food | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Red Barn Dried Meal Worms Bird Food red_barn_meal_worms
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  2. Red Barn Fat Balls Bird Food | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Red Barn Fat Balls Bird Food red_barn_fat_balls
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  3. Red Barn Insect Suet Pellets | Chelford Farm Supplies
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  4. Red Barn Premium Wild Bird Seed | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Red Barn Premium Wild Bird Seed red_barn_wild_bird_seed
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Whether your garden is big or small, it’s important to feed birds through the winter and early spring when their natural food is scarce to help them to raise their chicks successfully. Bird feeders are perfect to attract wild birds into your garden. They hang in trees or on bird tables and are easy to fill with bird seeds or fat balls for those hungry birds to peck on. Are you looking to attract a wider variety of birds to your garden? Using a mixed bag of bird feed will help attract a wide variety of species from finches, woodpeckers, jays and more.

Birds require high-energy foods during the colder months to maintain their fat to survive frosty nights. Fat balls are densely packed with the essential energy, fats and nutrition which birds need in their diet and are perfect for feeding all year round. Sunflower seeds will attract the greatest variety of birds to your garden. They are also perfect for the spring and summer months when birds require high protein foods especially while they are moulting but also during the winter months. Black sunflower seeds are particularly good to feed during the colder months due to their higher oil content.

Bird boxes provide a safe place for birds to build their nests while protecting their young from predators. Our colourful range of bird nesting boxes from Red Barn will add a splash of colour to your garden while sheltering birds from wind, rain and strong sunlight. The size of nesting box you choose will depend upon the type of birds in your garden; blue tits and great tits prefer a smaller house with a small round hole as they need little room, while robins, wrens and blackbirds like to nest in open-faced boxes.

At Chelford Farm Supplies, we are proud to be a leading stockist of wild bird feeders, cute floral bird boxes to a wide variety of bird seeds. Buy wild bird seed and feeders online or visit our Farm and Country Store to see our huge range.