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Gate Fixtures & Fittings

The fixtures and fittings you choose for your gates and fencing are almost as important as the gates themselves. With a plethora of options to choose from, we’re sure to have everything you need for your next project.

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  1. Eliza Tinsley Brenton Bolt 16 mm (5/8 inch)
    Eliza Tinsley Brenton Bolt 16 mm (5/8 inch) B0135_103390
    From £4.64
  2. Birkdale GM Medium Tee Hinges BZP Pair | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Birkdale GM Medium Tee Hinges BZP Pair birkdale_medium_tee_hinge
    From £3.54
  3. Birkdale GM Brenton Padbolt BZP | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Birkdale GM Brenton Padbolt BZP birkdale_brenton_padbolt
    From £4.14
  4. IAE Hinge Hook on Full Length Drill Plate
    IAE Hinge Hook on Full Length Drill Plate IAE-Hinge-Hook
    From £47.64
  5. IAE Ground Socket
    IAE Ground Socket IAE-Ground-Socket
    From £39.60
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Fixtures and fittings cover a wide variety of products, each as important as the other. From screws to hinges, and staples to gate levers, there’s a lot of choices to be made when it comes what fittings you want for your gates and fencing. Here at Chelford Farm Supplies, a leading timber merchant in Cheshire, we’re certain to have everything you need on our online shop or at our extensive, Cheshire based showroom.

The fittings you need will depend on your personal requirements. If you have a large ranch gate on your property, then some heavy-duty hinges and a spring loaded gate wheels might be the perfect choice to ensure your gate operates smoothly. Not to mention that ensuring your gate has all of the correct fixtures and fittings will increase its operational life span.

Are galvanised fittings best? Many of our fixtures and fittings from industry leading suppliers such as Eliza Tinsley and Birkdale are made from galvanised steel. The process of galvanisation involves applying a protective zinc coating to the steel, usually by dipping the steel into a hot bath. The primary purpose of this process is to prevent rusting and increase the longevity of parts. By choosing galvanised steel, your fixtures and fittings are certain to have a long life span and last much longer than regular steel or iron, especially in the unforgivingly wet British weather.

Are black fittings worth it? Many fixtures and fittings are available in both a regular galvanised steel finish and a black finish. The black finish on Birkdale fixtures is a black epoxy coating that is added to their regular galvanised steel products. While the black coating adds an additional layer of protection between the steel and the elements, both the black and the regular steel options are both certain to last a long time. So, it can mostly be left down to personal preference as to whether you’d like black fixtures or regular steel.