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Cattle Footcare

Cows undergo pressure and strain on their feet each day, and footcare is an important component of Cattle Care

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    Country UF Hoof Solution Cattle Country UF Hoof Solution Cattle
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It’s important to regularly check your herd’s feet to ensure their hooves don’t need trimming and also to prevent lameness. Cattle lameness is extremely common in dairy cows and is usually caused in wet weather conditions when cows are walking a long distance from the field to the milking parlour on damaged concrete tracks. Over time their feet begin to become overworn and stones can become stuck between the toes.

Lameness is very painful and can also have a profound impact on milk production; this kind of discomfort will see cows eating less and lying down more which will result in a lower milk yield. The County UF Hoof Solution for Cattle is a unique patented foot-bath technology for cattle lameness and should be used as a preventative measure. The solution works by penetrating deep up into the hoof cleft and should be used after every milking. For beef cows, dry cows and heifers the footbath treatment should also be done twice per week.

When lameness occurs hoof blocks can be used on the healthy claw to take the pressure and weight off the sore and injured one. This works by elevating the injured hoof off the ground resulting in healthy, healed hooves and happy cows. The Portek Cow Clog is a cost-effective way of protecting cattle claws, and this long-lasting solution will remain strong until the hoof is healed.

Hoof trimming usually occurs twice a year to ensure the cow’s toe doesn’t become overgrown. How do you trim a cow’s foot? Having the right trimming knives is key, as they can be used to trim the claw and also to prevent bacterial infection in lame cattle. Our range of Aesculap hoof knives feature stainless-steel blades and ergonomic handles to ensure you can complete your trimming tasks comfortable, efficiently and safely.