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Shredders and Chippers

At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire. We stock a variety of shredders and chippers suitable for a wide range of applications, from popular brands such as Eliet and Stihl. Whether you’re shredding waste for your compost pile or chipping wood for easier transport, these machines do all the work for you.

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How do garden shredders work? Comprised of a chute to deposit your garden waste and an opening, or collection bag in which shredded materials are ejected. On its way from one to the other, your garden waste passes through a series of blades (or in some cases cutting wire), which cut it up into mulch. From there it is the perfect size and consistency for composting or simply for disposal, reducing the volume of the waste into a more manageable size. It is for this reason that shredders are also referred to as compost shredders.

Why use a garden shredder? If you’re an avid gardener, then you’ll almost certainly be aware of the plethora of benefits associated with using mulch and compost. Instead of buying mulch, why not just make your own? That’s where the garden shredder comes in, simply processing all of the green waste and thin tree branches from your garden into a nutrient rich mulch, perfect for mulching your trees and plants, or simply creating a compost pile for future use. This invaluable machine allows you to recycle and reuse your own garden waste, making it an incredibly worthy purchase.

The Stihl GHE 250 is the perfect choice for someone doing occasional garden work, this electric shredder can handle branches up to 30mm and its wide chute and lightweight design make it ideal for wheeling around the garden, helping to keep it clean.

Or for the ultimate portable experience, the Eliet Maestro Country is a petrol shredder brought to you by the company that pioneered the portable shredder. No wires in sight, this robust machine makes light work of any garden waste you can throw at it, including 40mm branches. All while staying in a relatively compact form, for easy and convenient storage. 

From popular garden machinery brands such as Eliet and Stihl, we’re certain to have the garden shredding solution to perfectly fit your needs.