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Quail, pheasant, hen, duck, turkey, goose and more! No matter what feathered friends you are looking to hatch this spring, we have everything you’ll need from the perfect-sized incubator to a range of poultry corn and chicken coops.

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At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, we are proud to be a leading stockist of egg incubators, chick brooders and incubation accessories for all you poultry enthusiasts! But which is the best incubator? When choosing an incubator there are a few factors you need to consider, including the number of eggs you are looking to hatch, the type of poultry and whether you are using a manual or automatic option.

If you are only looking to incubate a small number of eggs, then the Brinsea Mini II Incubator is a perfect choice. Manually turn your eggs twice a day and circulate warm air for a stable air temperature. The control panel ensures you can monitor temperature and humidity and includes a countdown to hatch day. It’s like Christmas has come at once! If you are looking to hatch a large number of eggs at once, the Kerbl Covatutto Digital Incubator is a fantastic choice. Suitable for all types of eggs, this Kerbl incubator can hold up to 25 chicken eggs for hatching and will manually turn eggs through 180°.

What is egg candling? Candling allows you to easily identify infertile eggs and it gives you a clear view of the egg’s contents. The F180 Candling Lamp from Brinsea is a very effective, low cost, all-purpose candling lamp which can be used on most species. Don’t forget it’s important not to candle every day, as this will dramatically affect the temperature and humidity and keeping the environment at the right levels inside your incubator is key for successful hatching. The best day to check your egg's embryo visibility is from day eight onwards.

Hatch day! Day 21 is a very exciting day, and is there anything cuter than freshly hatched chirping baby chicks? New-born chicks aren’t able to self-regulate their own body temperature, so it is crucial to keep your chicks warm in the first six weeks. A very cost-effective product to have ready for hatching is a chick brooder. The EcoGlow runs 12v, making it a much safer option to keep your poultry warm than an infrared lamp and is also much more efficient.

We’re proud to be a leading UK stockist of chick incubators and accessories from Brinsea and Kerbl, helping you to ensure hatching happy and healthy chicks every time. Check out the range online or visit our Farm Shop to speak to a member of the team today.