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Crop Packaging & Silage Sheets

Here at Chelford Farm Supplies we have been supporting the Farming Community in Cheshire and the surrounding areas for over 40 years.

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  1. SealPlus Film 80µm Silage Cover (Beige/Black)
    SealPlus Film 80µm Silage Sheet (Beige/Black) SealPlus-80µm
    From £357.84
  2. Superstrong Silage Sheet 100mu
    Superstrong Silage Sheet 100mu B0185_105394
    From £46.68
  3. Superstrong Silage Sheet 200mu
    Superstrong Silage Sheet Double Strength B0185_105395
    From £104.52
  4. Tikitape Silage Repair Tape | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Tikitape Silage Repair Tape tikitape_silage_tape
    From £5.34
  5. GropGuard Bale Wrap 750mm X 1500m
    CropGuard Bale Wrap 750mm X 1500m B0186_105398-1
    From £74.82
  6. SealPlus Film 110µm Wall Barrier (Black)
    SealPlus Film 110µm Wall Barrier (Black) SealPlus-110µm
    From £213.00
  7. Visqueen Clingseal 40µm Silage Sheet
    Visqueen Clingseal 40µm Silage Sheet Clingseal_40um
    From £58.26
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Crop packaging comes in many forms, which is best for you depends on a multitude of factors, as well as personal preference. Silage, haylage, and hay are the most common versions of forage preservation. Saved for the colder months when pastures aren’t at their best, giving them time to recover and reseed, and providing a consistent source of food for your livestock. As your preserved food is often so vital for the health of your livestock in the winter months, it is of paramount importance that you select the right crop packaging for your needs and use the right products to ensure your stores are kept well and do not spoil.

As a leading supplier of all things agriculture in Cheshire, our online shop and Chelford based farm showroom will leave you spoilt for choice. We stock crop packaging from industry leading suppliers, such as SealPlus and Tikitape.

As the ever popular proverb suggests, you ‘make hay while the sun shines’, leaving the mown crop to dry out in the open, before storing in bales, wrapped in a bale wrap such as the Tenospin Bale Wrap: a highly puncture resistant and UV stabilised wrap, ideal for most round and square bales.

Conversely, silage is best prepared without the influence of Mother Nature, being stored and compacted in pile or silo and then covered with an air tight silage sheet, like the SealPlus 80um film, which serves as an oxygen barrier to keep the silage from spoiling.

As silage sheets serve to create a seal between the silage and the outside elements, it is import to patch up any inevitable tears in the sheet with a strong silage tape, like the Tikitape Silage Repair Tape: a heavy duty black tape, to repair the silage sheet and keep the oxygen barrier intact. This prevents the silage underneath from spoiling, which could otherwise be detrimental to foods supplies to sustain livestock in the colder seasons.