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Electric Fencing

Whether you’re looking for fencing to secure your livestock, horses, wildlife and pets or keep predators and pests out of your garden our fantastic range of electric fencing products are an effective and simple solution.

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  1. Rutland Electric Fencing Gate Handle
    Rutland Electric Fencing Gate Handle B0072_102639-1
    From £1.73 Price £2.99
  2. Rutland Electric Fencing Plastic Post Classic 156cm
    Rutland Electric Fencing Plastic Post Classic 156cm 443493
    From £2.90 Price £4.32
  3. Fenceman 12.5mm High Performance Electric Fencing Tape Green - Cheshire, UK
    Fenceman 12.5mm High Performance Electric Fencing Tape Green B0145_100387
    From £16.48 Price £18.30
  4. Fenceman Electric Fencing 40mm High Performance Tape Green - Cheshire, UK
    Fenceman Electric Fencing 40mm High Performance Tape Green Fenceman Electric Fencing 40mm High Performance Tape Green
    From £43.15 Price £47.94
  5. Rutland Heavy Duty Insulator
    Rutland Heavy Duty Insulator B0072_102635
    From £11.05 Price £13.19
  6. Rutland Wood Screw Insulator
    Rutland Wood Screw Insulator B0072_102636
    From £25.55 Price £41.99
  7. Rutland Heavy Duty Strain Insulator
    Rutland Heavy Duty Strain Insulator B0072_102637
    From £15.80 Price £22.79
  8. Rutland Electric Fencing Gate Spring Kit
    Rutland Electric Fencing Gate Spring Kit B0072_102639
    From £21.14 Price £33.59
  9. Rutland Lead Out Cable
    Rutland Lead Out Cable B0072_102640
    From £11.90 Price £28.79
  10. Rutland Electric Fencing High Voltage Underground Cable
    Rutland Electric Fencing High Voltage Underground Cable B0072_102641
    From £23.36 Price £47.99
  11. Gripple Plus Wire Connector Medium
    Gripple Plus Wire Connector Medium Gripple_Medium
    From £1.25 Price £1.62
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At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, we’re proud to be a leading UK Stockist of quality Electric Fencing Solutions. Our extensive range includes premium and quality brands such as Rutland, Gallagher and Fenceman.

Our Electric Fencing products are ideal for securing livestock such as Cattle, Equine, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Poultry and Domestic Pets as well as protecting your animals from Predators, Pests and Vermin. Stocking everything you may need from Energisers, Batteries, Poly Posts, Electric Rope, Electric Tape, Electric Wire, Electric Netting, Reels, Insulators, Gripples Systems and Gate Handles that provide you with the best animal control solutions.

Are you looking for a way to control your cattle’s grazing patterns? Poly posts are great for strip grazing and a time-saving option for farmers. These lightweight posts are easy to move and with a number of lugs a great option for fencing calf to cow or lamb to sheep enabling you to follow your animals through every stage of their life. Poly posts are also a great option for permanent electric fencing such as separated your ponies in the field however horses are naturally great jumpers so you must consider whether your horse could jump the fencing. The Fenceman Horse Poly Post is 140cm tall, making these posts ideal for use with horses and being visible and white can't be missed. Our Poly & Grazing Posts are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes ensuring all animals on the farm can be fenced.

Horses are flight animals so when fencing your paddock, the pasture should have visible fencing so your horse can clearly see its boundaries. But the question is electro taped or electro roped in? Electro Tape offer visibility as it's up to 40mm in width also if your horse is spooked and decides to run through the tape this will break and not cause as much harm as electro rope. When cows see electric fencing, they know not to cross it giving you the freedom to use rope or tape. Rutland Maxi Plus Electro-Wire is best for running along longer fields and using a Reel will save time when putting up the fencing and when taking it back down allowing you to wind up the wire knot free. The Geared Reel from Gallagher allows you to wind up and un wind your wire 3 times faster then a regular reel. We stock a range of stranded galvanised wire, electro rope and electro tape in a variety of widths and sizes.

How are you going to power your energiser? There are many ways to run power including mains, battery and solar. We stock a great selection of Energisers but depending on the length of your field, vegetation, type of livestock, fence line material, conductors used and the source of the energiser power will depend on what energiser is best suited to your needs making the energiser both cost and time effective. The Rutland ESS400 Solar Energiser is perfect for the equine market. With no batteries needed this portable easy to use energiser is perfect for small fencing systems and horse paddocks. If you’re looking to contain your dairy cattle, bulls or sheep in a larger field the ESM6500 Mains Energisers is an extremely powerful fence energise covering 9km with average vegetation and 16km with no vegetation. While cows and horses are easy to control so require a lower voltage while sheep need a higher voltage so they don’t attempt to escape. Not everyone has access to mains electricity so look for another option. The Rutland ESB100 Battery Energiser is pocket sized and perfect for fencing pheasant pens, containing sick animals or putting a pony in its own field.

Our range of Gate Handles, Insulators and other Accessories will ensure your electric fences works the way you want it whether you want to create a passage, need more stability or test your voltage. Looking to make accessing your electric fencing paddock easier? The Rutland Electric Fencing Gate Handle will make entering your paddock a breeze through its simple tension spring. Available in an array of colours for a little fun. Whether you're looking for an insulator for tape, rope or wire you'll be spoilt for choice with our huge range of insulators.

At Chelford Farm Supplies, Cheshire, our Farm Shop staff are all fully-trained experts who have hands-on experience with farming and livestock – many are Farmers themselves! Our friendly team will provide you with any advice and tips you might need for keeping Livestock or Horses contained, or predators excluded, and advise you which products are best suited to your needs.

Our well-stocked Farm Shop includes a vast selection of Electric Fencing Products for all of your Animal control needs. Visit our Farm Shop to speak to a member of the team today, or browse our huge range of Electric Fencing products online.