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Horse Boots

Protecting your horse’s legs is, for horse owners and riders, a number one consideration. It’s not uncommon for tack rooms to be filled with brushing boots, overreach boots, therapy boots and many more.

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  1. Eskadron Softslate Faux Fur Over Reach Boots | Chelford Farm Supplies
    Eskadron Softslate Faux Fur Over Reach Boots eskadron_fur_over_reach
    From £36.95
  2. LeMieux Grafter Brushing Boots
    LeMieux Grafter Brushing Boots B0128_107531
    From £22.50
  3. LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots
    LeMieux Carbon Mesh Wrap Boots B0128_108102
    From £32.50
  4. LeMieux ProShell Brushing Boots - Chelford Farm Supplies
    LeMieux ProShell Brushing Boots B0124_108204
    From £42.50
  5. LeMieux ProStable Bandage Tidy Bag - Chelford Farm Supplies
    LeMieux ProStable Bandage Tidy Bag B0124_108205
    From £29.95
  6. LeMieux Snug Boot Pro - Chelford Farm Supplies
    LeMieux Snug Boot Pro B0124_108206
    From £48.50
  7. LeMieux Junior Pro Fetlock Boots
    LeMieux Junior Pro Fetlock Boots B0128_108105
    From £19.96
  8. LeMieux Junior Pro Tendon Boots
    LeMieux Junior Pro Tendon Boots B0128_108105-1
    From £29.95
  9. LeMieux Impact Compliant Fetlock Boots
    LeMieux Impact Compliant Fetlock Boots LeMieux Impact Compliant Fetlock Boots
    From £36.95

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So, why do we need so many horse boots? Not only can horse boots protect your four-legged friend, but they can also help enhance your performance. From top equestrian brands including LeMieux, Woof Wear, Horseware, Eskadron, Shires and WeatherBeeta, we have a huge selection of horse boots for travel, schooling, competition, turnout and much, much more. 

A brushing boot is a useful boot to have in your kit. What do use brushing boots for? A brushing boot will help protect your horse during exercise from a ‘brushing’ motion, whereby the inside of one leg can impact the inner of the opposite leg. Brushing boots are extremely versatile and can be used on both the front and hind legs. Among our range of brushing boots you’ll find LeMieux boots and Woof Wear club brushing boots as well as various colours and materials.

For the jumping horse, a set of tendon and fetlock boots are a must have. Tendon boots will help absorb shock and relieve the pressure put on your horse’s front legs while jumping. A quality pair of fetlock boots will do the same job on the hind legs. While our horses love to jump, it’s important to consider the strain that this exercise can put on their legs. Having the right kit in your tack room is the first step to providing this all-important support.

It’s undeniable that dressage divas love a bit of matchy matchy, and your horse’s legwear is the perfect finishing touch to your matching outfit. The LeMieux equestrian collection’s classic polo bandages will add that much-needed splash of matchy matchy colour while also keeping your horse’s legs protected from any knocks or brushes. The range of Le Mieux colours includes classics including Benneton Blue and Plum as well as plenty of favourite seasonal colours.

Is your horse stabled or on box-rest? The horse boots collection at Chelford Farm Supplies includes styles that will help the stabled horse feel his best, such as the Horseware Rambo Ionic Stable Boot which has fantastic therapeutic properties. Stable wraps can provide ample protection for horses in the stable, who may injure themselves while lying down or rolling.

Mud can be problematic for the turned out horse, and a pair of turnout boots can be a welcomed addition to many horse owners frustrated by mud. Styles such as the LeMiuex turnout boot will help protect your horse from skin conditions developed in wet and muddy conditions, such as mud fever, while also providing the lower leg with protection from knocks and scrapes.

Overreach boots are, without doubt, one of the most important pairs of boots you’ll have in your tack room. Don’t be fooled by the unassuming nature of these small rubber or neoprene boots – a pair of overreach boots will protect your horse’s heels from overreaching, whereby the back hoof strikes into the back of the front hoof, and can also help prevent your horse from losing a shoe. A must-have for horses with a large gait who are prove to over-tracking and also useful for turning out if your horse if prone to losing shoes.

When travelling to and from shows in horse boxes or trailers a pair of protective travel boots are a must. Horses can easily knock themselves while travelling, and our selection of LeMieux travel boots and WeatherBeeta travel boots will ensure your horse travels in comfort and style.

There are many different types of medical boots and horse therapy boots that can help your horse during recovery, aid repair and enhance performance. The Horseware Ice Vibe Boots are a key example of how a pair of therapy boots can be used in a number of versatile ways; whether it’s everyday use, at competitions or injury rehabilitation, these cooling and massaging boots are an innovative way of keeping your horse at his best.

At Chelford Farm Supplies we are proud to be Cheshire’s best tack shop, stocking a huge range of your favourite brands at the most competitive prices. Visit us in Chelford village, or browse our large selection of equestrian products online.