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Farm Chemicals & Disinfectants

Hygiene and cleanliness are important factors wherever you work, and nowhere more so than on the farm. There are a huge range of agricultural chemicals needed on the farm, from disinfectants for animal housing to chemicals used in cleaning farm machinery like tractors.

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  1. Sodium Hypochlorite 10/11%
    Sodium Hypochlorite 10/11% B0173_104481
    From £11.94
  2. Kilco Virex Disinfectant
    Kilco Virex Disinfectant B0203_106663
    From £68.28
  3. Virkon S Disinfectant - Cheshire, UK
    Virkon S Disinfectant B0142_106662
    From £2.58
  4. Kilco Dx Autotank Cleaner
    Kilco Dx Autotank Cleaner Kilco Dx Autotank Cleaner
    From £30.42
  5. Kilco C Dip
    Kilco C Dip Kilco C Dip
    From £52.92
  6. Kilco Circulation Cleaner
    Kilco Circulation Cleaner Kilco Circulation Cleaner
    From £220.74
  7. Kilco Virophor 500
    Kilco Virophor 500 Kilco Virophor 500
    From £36.42
  8. Kilco Dual Acid
    Kilco Dual Acid Kilco Dual Acid
    From £449.70
  9. Chrome Northwest Jelly Bean Wash 1L
    Chrome Northwest Jelly Bean Wash CNWJBW
    From £9.42
  10. Lanxess Virkon S Powder
    Lanxess Virkon S Powder VirkonS
    From £19.61
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What are the chemicals used in farming? For the smooth operation of any farm, farmers and landowners will need to use a variety chemicals. For dairy farming, the pipelines, tanks and equipment all need to be thoroughly cleaned frequently to ensure the strict hygiene regulations are adhered to. The feet of both animals and personnel must be kept clean at all times, especially when passing through sensitive areas, to prevent lameness in livestock. Using an agricultural footbath with an effective disinfectant or foot rot treatment is a crucial component of preventing the spread of disease and infection around the farm.

A variety of disinfectants are available for water systems, equipment, and surfaces to ensure a clean and sterile working environment is consistently maintained. One of the most effective disinfectants for the farm is Red Label Hypochlorite. Ideal for use in a variety of settings, such as livestock housing, dairy plants, refrigerated tankers and meat processing areas, sodium hypochlorite is an easy to use formula which you simply dilute before use.

There are also a wide variety of chemicals which are perfect for cleaning your cars, tractors and other farm vehicles. The Chrome Northwest Clean & Green is a non-caustic acid based foaming traffic film remover (TFR). This formula is an excellent surfactant, which loosens dirt and debris from surfaces and allows them to be rinsed away with minimal cleaning effort. Once your vehicle is clean, the Chrome Northwest Embellish detailing spray can be easily applied to leave a durable hydrophobic finish on the paintwork, keeping it looking shiny for longer and making it easier to clean next time. For that extra added touch, the Chrome Northwest Ultra Tyre Shine petroleum based tyre dressing can be used to enrich black tyres, giving them a factory fresh finish and hydrophobic coating.

No matter what farming chemicals you need, you’re sure to find it in our online store or fantastic Cheshire Farm Shop, where you can ask our experts for advice and guidance on all chemicals and disinfectants within our range. Most chemicals are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that best suits your particular needs.